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Omega-PSIR community

Polish Medical Platform - Omega-PSIR

From the very beginning, the system is based on cooperation with its users. We organize scientific events and various models of user support.


The system generalizes the needs of numerous groups of users into a one standardizing form of data structure, knowledge representation, and functionality, acceptable for all, so that it makes it easier to  network the partners. A good example is the Polish Platform of Medical Research


As part of the subscription package, which covers all universities and institutions gathered in the community, we conduct four automatic updates during the year, that give access to new functionalities. We make sure that the dictionary database in this periodicals is always up-to-date. We ensure constant compliance of the system with the requirements of Ministry of Education.


We organize numerous webinars and scientific events related to CRIS systems, knowledge management and other topics important to the scientific community. We have created one of the most important conference for CRIS system users - annual Seminar of University Knowledge Bases.


System development decisions are not made without consulting community members. We have introduced a voting system that ensures transparency and democratic decision-making. We want the institutions gathered in the Omega-PSIR community to be able to decide with us about the future of the system and, whenever possiible, paricipate in the development.

Forum for system users


Obraz przedstawiający informacje o VIII Seminarium Użytkowników Uczelnianych Baz Wiedzy

The Seminar of University Knowledge Bases

The largest event in Central and Eastern Europe, devoted to various issues related to science management.

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