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Functionalities and important URLs

The functionalities of our knowledge system and useful links

Knowledge Base build on Omega-PSIR system - Projects


The system enables indexing, sharing of publications and other scholarly output of the institution and its staff. It has a built-in full-text and research data repository. Moreover, it provides the ability to determine the license under which the articles and research data were created and the level of availability or its temporary suspension (grace period). Thanks to the synergy with the employee evaluation and appraisal module, it enables effective creation of transparent policies.


Academic achievements

Recording scientific activities in one system allows for gathering data on: publications, projects, patents, implementations, research equipment, laboratories, theses, PhD dissertations, awards, achievements, activities popularizing science, committee memberships and many others. It enables communication with other systems and data acquisition from many sources – both internal (e.g. human resources, student services, bibliographic databases) and global databases (e.g. ORCiD, CrossRef, Scopus).

Research data repository

Omega-PSIR strengthens the cooperation potential of the institution with other universities by showing and sharing research data from the university domain. It is compatible with 5-star Open Data and FAIR Data, and integrates with DataCite. It supports DOI and naming and allows for linking the research data record with other records in the system e.g. publications, projects and researchers.

Institution image and visibility

Our system assists in building the image of the academic institution locally and worldwide. It presents research results and potential, guarantees visibility in national and global databases and search engines (e.g. OpenAIRE, ORCiD, Google Scholar), showcases national and international cooperation and enables searching for experts and research teams. In order to promote the institution and its collaboration with a given industry, Omega-PSIR allows for registering patents, products, implementations and practical effects, as well as research apparatus (infrastructure).


Analytics and reporting

Omega-PSIR facilitates reviewing the state of research conducted by the institution by supporting management processes, as well as enables effective reporting. Thanks to gathering all data related to specific studies and their interrelation, it creates a picture of the whole research process from applications, projects, effects (such as publications or patents) and related metrics. The reports and BI module allows its users to create both general and detailed reports such as employee evaluation or scientific output for career advancement, as well as extract valuable, management-relevant knowledge from the collected data.

Scientific research management

Our system streamlines the management of information workflows related to recording publications, statements of scientific achievements, administration of research projects and employee evaluation.

Researchers at glance

Based on a variety of collected research
achievements Omega-PSIR
automatically builds researchers profiles
including all aspects of the researcher’s
activities (including visibility in media and social media). Experts, teams, key research disciplines are easy to find.

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