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About us

About the system and its beginings

Knowledge Base build on Omega-PSIR system



Małgorzata Rychlik, UAM

Knowledge Base at UAM gives researchers the opportunity to promote their own image and scientific achievements locally and in the world. It allows to search for experts in a given field of knowledge and establish effective cooperation. Thanks to communication in accordance with the standards of Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar increases the visibility of the university's achievements worldwide.


The team of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) has designed and implemented a software (called Omega-PSIR), which plays a role of the institutional repository, and at the same time provides functionality of Current Research Information System (CRIS) that supports the researchers and the university management. Based on Omega-PSIR, Knowledge Base of Warsaw University of Technology has been implemented. The WUT Knowledge Base stores publications, reports, theses, etc. of the WUT researchers, but also information about research projects run at the university, and other activities of the researchers.

The system is in production at WUT since 2012. It was developed and implemented iteratively, so that since the very beginning various concepts were confronted with the users expectations and requirements. As a result, a high level comfort of working with the system has been obtained, giving rise to very high acceptance from the users. The system influences work of many various groups of users, in particular the librarians, staff of the offices responsible for research projects and international cooperation, but also the management of institutes and faculties.

Photo: M k, CC BY-SA 3.0 

Zdjęcie dużej aulii Politechniki Warszawskiej
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