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The system has been developed at Warsaw University of Technology. It integrates functionalities of:

Homepage of Knowledge Base build on Omega-PSIR system
  • Current Research Information System (CRIS)

  • Institutional Repository (IR)

  • Researcher Profiling System (RPS)


Our Knowledge Base System allows for comprehensive management of information on science and research potential, supporting evaluation of a scientific institution and its employees, as well as working towards building a professional image and recognition of the institution.


Omega-PSIR has been already implemented at over 40 institutions, mainly universities with technical, humanities, live science, military and medical profiles. The system is also used by research institutes, federations and vocational schools. 


Omega-PSIR is not just a software. We build a community by organizing scientific events and facilitating inter-university cooperation. We maintain system ontologies and dictionary databases. In addition, the user forum provides a platform enabling sharing the knowladge among the members.


Number one in Poland among Current Research Information Systems - the highest number (40) of implementations in research institutions

5th place* worldwide among Current Research Information Systems (the highest number of implementations in research institutions)

The license of the software is free of charge. The system is distributed together with the source code

The system is made according to WCAG 2.1, taking into account the needs of people with disabilities

We organize conferences and webinars for Omega-PSIR community creating great space for networking

The system has been developed at the Institute of Computer Science of the Warsaw University of Technology



We are committed to build openness in science and share knowledge on the international level. Through the newsletter, we want to inform you about webinars and conferences, as well as share knowledge about, inter alia, managing information about science and research potential. We will also inform you about new functionalities and other changes to the Omega-PSIR, developed at Warsaw University of Technology - which connect CRIS/RPS/IR and research data repository in one system. We will not send you anything that we would consider spam ourselves.


The 10th Seminar of University Knowledge Bases will be held online 22-24 April 2024

Organized annually since 2014 The Seminar of University Knowledge Bases, is a meeting point for scientists, librarians, university managers responsible for research and people creating scientific information systems. More information about this year's agenda and registration details soon. 



Omega-PSIR is authorized user

 of API to Clarivate resources*

*Refers to the institutions having coresponding Clariave license 


Omega-PSIR is authorized user

 of API to Elsevier resources*

*Refers to the institutions having coresponding Elsevier license 

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Omega-PSIR is DataCite authorized service provider

Logo euroCRIS

Omega-PSIR is recognised and registered in euroCRIS


Omega-PSIR is ORCID authorized service provider​


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Development and source code

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Implementation, support, custom models and extensions

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